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May 29, 2006
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Hyena Sculpture: unpainted by rgyoung Hyena Sculpture: unpainted by rgyoung
My latest, just for fun.

I wanted to try an animal with longer hair, just to see if I could accomplish a suitable texture. I'm pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out!

Super sculpey, over a wire/foil armature. My biggest sculpture yet. He stands about 8.5" tall. Will be painted soon!

I did take a few in-process photos if anyone is interested. They're in my scraps.

ETA: Just in case anyone wonders: I wasn't going for pure realism here. The exaggerated proportions (massive head, mane, teeny feet, and short, bulky body) are deliberate.
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uropygid Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I LOVE the exaggerated proportions!
Wood-Splitter-Lee Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow! This has some stunning detail! I am impressed! I sculpt with sculpy and would be honored if you could check them out sometime!
Hyenassexual Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
i want to see the butt
Bouda-Lycaon Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2007
Patent it, seriously. There are no hyena sculptures out there.

You'd make alot of money.
skeevy Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006
Gorgeous, I can't wait to see how you color it! The posture is very good, although I almost wish you had him bearing teeth instead of with a closed mouth. I always think of hyenas as open mouthed and grinning devilishly, you know? Excellent job with the mane, your experiment with longer hair DOES seem to have been a success! :highfive: :boogie:
rgyoung Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! I'm almost finished with the paint job, so I'll post photos of him soon. :)

I thought about having him baring is teeth in a maniacal grin, but I decided to make him look a little more friendly and a little less insane/evil.

Glad you like him!
kayzmir Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
I haven't been around for awhile... I don't know if you remember me at all. We used to talk a bit over da.

Anyways, I've been meaning to ask if you do sculptures for comissions? and if so, how much do you charge?
rgyoung Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Of course I remember you, silly! How've you been?

I definitely do sculptures on commission! Note me with what you're interested in, and I'll try to come up with a quote for you. My smaller 3" busts start off at $100. A piece the size of this hyena would be quite a bit more than that.

Good to hear from you, in any case, and I hope things are going well for you.
kayzmir Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006
I've been great, how about you? Enjoying socal? Did you get to see the gray whales migrate? I've been meaning to go down and take some photos...

I'll definitely have to keep working over summer, I'd love to get a sculpture from you :) Or one of your beautiful drawings...

but I'll let you know :P
rgyoung Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh, I love it down here! I didn't see the gray whales migrate down here, but when I was up in Northern California, around Big Sur, I did see a group of them a few miles offshore. There are always porpoises/dolphins around here, though, and we've even seen a few of them out near the harbor in Dana Point.

Hey, I'd love to do some work for you--definitely keep me posted. How's school treating you?
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